About us

JusticeScaleOnBlue_MDoragh Law Firm has been committed to serving clients in the areas of real estate law, business law, and family law since opening its doors in Fort Myers, Lee County, Florida in 1990. Attorney Pete Doragh, the Founder of Doragh Law Firm, successfully represents clients in and out of court in the areas of foreclosure, bankruptcy, civil, corporate, business, divorce, family matters, and real estate.

Doragh Law Firm is dedicated to protecting the constitutional rights of their clients. The firm provides legal counsel for clients in an effort to avoid costly liability issues, disputes or lawsuits. Should a dispute occur, Doragh Law Firm is prepared and ready to litigate your case and protect your rights in court when necessary.

Doragh Law Firm believes an ounce of prevention is the best measure. What may seem like a simple document, family matter, business deal, or commercial or residential real estate transaction can get complicated. It’s too easy to overlook or misunderstand language used in legal documents, especially when it’s in fine print or there are numerous pages to read through. Just one oversight could lead to costly litigation. Don’t take chances when it comes to your family, home or business. Make sure you have legal representation to protect your personal interest. Call Dorah Law Firm Today.